Certified ICD 10 Coding Services

We are experts in dealing with the international classification of diseases codes popularly known as ICD codes is fast gaining popularity in the health sector. Thanks to international health sector regulatory bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO); all healthcare organization are now adopting the best medical billing practices. Our ICD codes service plays a vital role in medical billing, and it can be found in patient paperwork such as hospital records, physician records, and medical certificates.

Over time, ICD codes have undergone a major transformation which has led to the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Today, most of the ICD codes that are in use are version 10, often referred to as ICD-10 codes. Unlike ICD-9 which is gradually phasing out of the healthcare domain, ICD-10 codes are much more specialized. How? ICD-10 codes allow the payers to enter into contracts with their health care provider with details of how much a procedure cost.

Medical Billing and ICD 10 Coding Services

Vanan healthcare deals with the massive implementation of ICD-10 codes going on across most countries in the world, as the need for ICD-10 coding services is consistently rising in demand; this is because of the role it plays in the medical billing of healthcare providers. We have been in the business of delivering renowned medical billing and ICD-10 coding to our clients including ICD-10 medical coding. We guarantee the best ICD-10 medical coding services at very affordable rates. Other healthcare providers wouldn’t want to charge less for the services they provide because they are also in business to make profit. Hence, more than ever, they require capable hands to provide reliable and accurate hands-on ICD-10 coding. ICD-10 gives a broader classification of diseases, as such it offers unique data needed to carry our precise evaluation and a blueprint to help improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

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Cost Savings

Our approach to healthcare delivery offers notable healthcare plans designed to enable you to cut excessive medical expenditure and stress accompanied by planned and unplanned health care expenses.

Increased Efficiency

Our healthcare delivery system is reputed for its particular efforts in ensuring easy access, quality of healthcare services to boost efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.

Time Zone Advantage

We are strategically located within between time zones to enable us to reach out to expansive coverage of individuals seeking instant professional medical attention in different time zones.

Access to Skilled Resources

Providing our patients with easy access to skilled medical resources is the driving force behind our healthcare delivery success. This has enhanced our ability to sustain an excellent workforce capacity.

Faster & Better Services

In healthcare delivery, every second is priceless. Hence, we offer prompt and professional health care services within the shortest possible time as a second is essential in saving a life.

Save On Infrastructure

Our solid healthcare foundation and infrastructure has propelled our success in the healthcare sector and strengthened our partnerships with renowned stakeholder. Hence, affording us adequate resources and workforce to deliver excellent services.

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